Mushrooms - supplements vs. hand picked

Mushrooms - supplements vs. hand picked

Mushrooms - supplements vs. hand picked

The overall health benefits that can be found in many types of mushrooms simply cannot be debated. As more and more people are discovering this fact, there has been a growing debate forming:

Is it better to purchase mushroom supplements, or to go find them and pick them yourself?

While each has it's pros and cons, it is the opinion of this blog poster that you are much better off purchasing your mushrooms through a trusted supplement supplier.

Let's discuss why that is:

Many mushrooms are poisonous.

By using a trusted supplement supplier you are guaranteeing your own personal safety and the safety of your family. If you fancy the outdoors and have decided to try hand-picking your own mushrooms, you can never really be sure what you are picking. Was that a chanterelle you just grabbed... or maybe it was a lobster mushroom... then again, maybe it was a lion's mane or a chaga mushroom. But what if it was one of the much more dangerous, poisonous type? Do you really want to take that chance and ingest something, or share something with your family that may do you a lot of harm rather than good?

That's why I say let the pros handle it. For all the time and effort it would cost you (if you happen to be lucky enough to actually find some healthy mushrooms), purchasing these mushrooms through a supplement provider guarantees your safety, and most are very inexpensive.

Mushroom hunting may be fun... but why take the risk when there is such a booming industry of mushroom supplement suppliers out there?
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